GOF Lessons Learned from Rookie Season

1)      Make sure we have a project notebook

2)      Setup and do more community service work; e.g. community programming classes

3)      Look at other teams’ websites and leverage what we can learn – do not try to do everything from scratch

4)      Have/create more swag (we ran out of buttons, etc.) – the team should hold onto the swag until after the judges visit the pit and get theirs so the judges can see what we’ve created

5)      Ensure the entire team is in the pit, on Friday morning in particular, so that the Judges can talk to the whole team (understanding that this is sometimes not practical if some team members are working)

6)      Be mindful of funding - constantly brainstorm and look for funding

7)      Implement better recruiting methods

8)      Provide better contact information both for the students and the parents

9)      Engage Parents and Mentors more so feel they can have a more active role; do not depend on the coaches handling everything

10)   Establish Lead Roles for the team so we can pair mentors with students for those areas

a.       Rules/safety lead

b.      Team marketing/photography lead

c.       Robot design lead

d.      Robot build lead

e.      Robot programming lead

f.        Finance/fundraising lead

11)   Have somebody who is good at organization and reading/responding to emails be one of the coaches in TIMS so they get all the communications and follow-up on the required items

12)   Make sure to completely read rules/apply those rules during design and build so robot is to spec